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Steve's Pools & Spas

Pool & Spa Chemicals

At Steve’s Pools and Spas, we offer a full range of pool and spa chemicals from Mursatt Chemicals, Spa Marvel and AquaFinesse. For more information on chemicals for your pool and spa needs, feel free to Contact Us.

  • Pool Sanitizers
  • Pool Shock Treatments
  • Pool Balancers
  • Pool Algaecides
  • Pool Conditioners
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Spa Chemical Sanitizers/Oxidizers
  • Spa Chemical Balancers
  • Spa Chemical Specialties
  • and Much More!

  • AquaFinesse Hot Tub Water Care System


  • Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner
  • Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner
  • Spa Marvel Cleanser